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Vulfpeck - Sleepify ep

Vulf Records 2017


Used 7" Vinyl


Sleepify is an album by the American funk band Vulfpeck. The release does not contain any audible sound; instead, it consists solely of ten roughly 30-second-long tracks of silence. The album was made available on the music streaming service Spotify, where the band encouraged consumers to play the album on a loop while they slept. In turn, royalties from the playing of each track on the "album" were to be used to crowdfund a free concert tour by the band.



Record VG+  

Sleeve - Original generic black sleeve


Used 7" records by nature normally show a little more sign of wear than LPs.  Almost all of the 7" records sold at Yard Sale Records are VG+. Depending on the age and type of material the record is made of VG+ will vary slightly.

Best efforts are made to describe and show the record condition.  

Vulfpeck - Sleepify ep

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