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Moe & Joe 40th Reunion Tour

Brauntex Theater

New Braunfels, Tx

June 10, 2021

Country music icons Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley are hitting the stage together again for a 40th reunion tour of their Moe & Joe days. The historic Brauntex Theater hosted them and a 5-piece band in New Braunfels, Texas on a pleasantly warm summer night. Joe kicked things off with the news that the show would consist of a set by him, a set by Moe, and then, “We’re gonna come out and kill y’all with just about every Moe and Joe song there is!” He lied to us though — each set was killer!

Joe sang a variety from his arsenal of quality ’70s country radio hits, as well as some from his ’60s band, The Uniques. Having always been a country singer with a broad vocal range, Joe was in surprisingly strong voice. Telling stories in between songs of when and where they had been recorded and taking requests throughout his set, Joe was lighthearted and clearly happy to be performing to a crowd familiar with his catalog. Perhaps most striking were his versions of requested songs which the band did not know. A verse from “Penny” sung a cappella on one knee to a lady who had approached the stage to hand Joe a penny requesting the song was a room-silencing moment.

Following a foot-stomping version of “Roll on Big Mama,” Joe introduced Moe Bandy to the stage, and straight out of the gate, Moe came with the hits had the crowd hooting and hollering. Mixed with jokes in between songs, Moe delighted in a wholesome Branson, Missouri type way.

Next up was the return of Joe Stampley, signaling the start of the Moe & Joe reunion. Their joking banter set up each song. The feel was upbeat and fun. Seeing them so natural today, you just know these guys were wowing crowds back in the heyday. The skills of the supporting band were evident throughout the show. These Good Ol’ Boys have clearly been friends and road buddies for years. Great to see them back together again.

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